Quantum Insight - An Alchemical Meditation

by Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. and J.S. Epperson

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    Quantum Insight is designed to help the listener access an expanded state of consciousness. In order to achieve this state, the brain must shift its vibrational patterns in such a way that the doors of consciousness open up and transcend everyday awareness. The well-researched technology of binaural beat frequencies are utilized to guide one into whole brain states of sustained hemispheric synchronization. This is then synergistically combined with electronic musical compositions by J. S. Epperson that facilitate the opening of the chakras and deepening of whole brain states. The guided imagery created and led by Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. is alchemically designed to stimulate the pineal gland and open the doors to transcendent consciousness.

    The synergistic combination of imagery and frequencies in this cd are designed to activate your pineal gland, which is said to be the “Master Cell” of the body at the very center of the brain. This activation illuminates your awareness to a super-conscious level. Physiologically, stimulating the pineal gland leads to the secretion of hormones that help elicit expanded states of consciousness. The pineal gland has been scientifically shown to be equipped with a complete structure of the human eye. As this inner eye at the center of the brain opens up, it allows you to peer into the spiritual world, just as your regular eyes allow you to view the physical world. The use of binaural beat technology to entrain the brain into a Theta-dominant state (3-7 Hz) also assists in accessing a deeper state of awareness. While in conscious Theta, one can connect with the Universal Mind where profound insights and hidden knowledge are revealed. All of the above elements are synergistically combined in this CD to produce an internal alchemy within the body and mind.
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02 - 47:44 Quantum Insight - An Alchemical Meditation

CD purchase includes instant download of the guided meditation QUANTUM INSIGHT - AN ALCHEMICAL MEDITATION. The full 48 minute meditation is hidden and is only available when you purchase the CD or the download.

An instrumental version is available for donation: higher-music.bandcamp.com/album/insight


released February 16, 2009

Guided Meditation: Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.
Music & Binaural Beats: J.S. Epperson
Binaural Beats concept: Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.
Package Design: Roy Arauz
Photo: Ron Jeffreys


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J.S. Epperson Portland, Oregon

Independent purveyor of meditation music, producer of guided meditations, blender of binaural beats, and erstwhile Hemi- Sync® Metamusic® artist. For best results, use headphones. Listen to the full albums here or follow the links on each album page to your favorite app. ... more

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